The Grange School hosted the ABSCh Senior Drama Event 2023

Last Friday, August 25th the annual Senior Drama Event for the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCh) was held at our School in its 2023 edition. Up to 10 delegations of different schools from Casablanca, Concón, Viña del Mar and Santiago participated in the event, which consisted in several workshops facilitated by national academics and exponents of performance and theatre-making.  

The Senior Drama Event is designed to strengthen the development of theatrical activities in ABSCh schools through the active involvement of pupils and teachers in various workshops and activities. The primary focus is to promote the use of the English language by experimenting with theatrical texts and creation. The participants explore different theatrical elements, such as acting, voice, movement, and design, while gaining insight into the interplay of diverse artistic disciplines in theatrical creation. By witnessing the outcomes of the workshops, they appreciate and enjoy their peers’ work, fostering a sense of camaraderie and cooperation among ABSCh school pupils. Additionally, they develop an appreciation for the English language and culture in connection to their Latin American heritage, while also engaging in meaningful interaction and creative learning with peers from other ABSCh schools.

The workshops were centred around the themes of biography, identity and documentary in relation to drama, proposing a various range of theatrical formats such as movement, performance art, biodrama, puppetry and sound design, among others. At the end of the day, pupils shared a brief showcase of their accomplishments in each workshop, cultivating an environment that valued cooperation over competition. This, we hope, encouraged socio-cultural development, teamwork, and the forging of lasting friendships among ABSCh.

The teachers that accompanied each delegation participated in a voice technique workshop prepared specifically for them, which intended to help them develop their pupils’ expressive abilities, leading to innovative theatrical proposals and nurturing a positive and harmonious atmosphere among the ABSCh school community.

We congratulate each of our children that represented our School in this event, demonstrating motivation and passion for the performing arts, sharing their knowledge with the other schools’ pupils and behaving as impeccable and affable hosts: Ethan Jana 3°EM D, Emma MacAuliffe 3ºEM F, María José Delorenzo 4ºEM F, Catalina Cortés 3ºEM E, Amaya Selman 1ºEM A, and Javiera Muñoz 3ºEM D.

This encounter has been a new landmark for the development and enjoying of drama and theatre in our School, providing a space of academic sharing with professionals, and linking cooperation and the importance of arts with ABSCh pupils and their teachers.