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Congratulations to our Generation 2023!

Dear Community,

Along with sending my greetings and best wishes as we begin the new year, I am writing to share excellent news about our recent 4ºEM pupils´ success in the PAES examinations. Our generation of 2023 obtained a superb 23 maximum scores in Mathematics and the average score was 848 points (Language and M1) on a scale of 100 to 1000 points, with 21 of them in M1 and two in M2 (one pupil with a double score), which allowed our School to be placed 5th in the national ranking. 

I am sure you will wish to join with me in congratulating both the pupils and their teachers, especially those who supported the pupils´ preparations for the PAES examinations. 

We also extend our thanks to all members of the School Staff and congratulate the families and parents of Generation 2023 for their constant and unconditional support of their sons and daughters in this process, as well as to The Grange School.

Below we share with you the names of the pupils who obtained a National Score:

  • Elena Bascou Mertz (M1)
  • Trinidad Bianchini Sinclair (M1)
  • Bárbara Chechilnitzky Lira (M1)
  • Agustín Corona Espinoza (M1)
  • Ramón Coz Seguel (M1)
  • Roberto  De Vidts Pino (M1)
  • Florencia Fierro Fregosi (M1 y M2)
  • Lorenzo Huete Larraín (M1)
  • Antonia Jamarne Rotman (M1)
  • Ariel Jana Ergas (M1
  • Benjamín Lira Espinoza (M1)
  • Tomás Marchant Dellacasa (M1)
  • Violeta Montt Schmidt (M1)
  • Amanda Moro Novoa (M1)
  • Alfonso Peñafiel de la Cuadra (M1)
  • Ignacio Ramírez Zerega (M1)
  • Violeta Rudloff Chambers (M1)
  • Victoria Sherrington Robinson (M1)
  • Emma Westcott Silva (M1)
  • Gabriel Zapata Rodríguez (M1)
  • Álvaro Zurob Frisk (M1)
  • Antonio Belaúnde Minder (M2)

Well Done!


Nicholas A T Eatough