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Our people

The Grange School is a vibrant Community of over 300 teaching and operational support Staff, all of whom are wholeheartedly committed to the education and well-being of the pupils under our care.

Our people are our greatest asset. We have talented Staff working across a broad range of disciplines and departments.

Here you will find our Staff directories and other key information.

Headmaster & Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) at The Grange School comprises members who bring a depth of talent and experience in teaching and educational leadership from a range of contexts. Many within this group have served the Grange for many years, others have arrived more recently and bring fresh perspectives. The SLT is completely committed to providing the very best for our pupils and ensuring the positive development of the School as we look to the future.

Board of Governors
Board of Governors
Chairman: Cristóbal Hurtado (OG 94)
Vice Chairman: Ana Claudia Amar (OG 89)
Rodrigo Seoane (OG 92)
Rodrigo Huidobro (OG 91)
Rafael Torres (OG 75)
Tomas Chuaqui (OG 86)
Carolina Melo (OG 97)
Álvaro Barriga (OG 89)
María Paz Siraqyan (OG 86)
Verónica Cabezas (OG 96)
Cristián Varela (OG 98)

Carolina Simonelli
Admissions Assistant


Natalia de la Puente
Communications Assistant

Organisation chart