About Admissions

At The Grange School we recognise the family in their role as the first educators of their children, and we commit all our experience, professionalism, and track record, with the aim of contributing as a very good complement to the holistic development of pupils at school.

Prekinder Admissions

If you wish to obtain information regarding the Prekinder Admissions process, you will be able to find it on this site from the second half of November of every year.

Other Admissions

In relation to the applications for levels from Kindergarten to 7º Básico, they are subject to availability of vacancies, which are usually published every year in the month of October.


Here you can find all the information about the value of the registration and the incorporation fee.


Here you can find the most frequent questions that come to us from those who apply with their children to the School.

The Grange School has been invited to the International U18s Sevens Tournament