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About Admissions

A very warm welcome to The Grange School Admissions site!

We hope that the information you find here will guide and inspire you in your decision to find a school that suits your family’s interests.

At The Grange School we recognise the family in their role as the first educators of their children, and we commit all our experience, professionalism and track record, with the aim of contributing as a very good complement to the holistic development of pupils at school.

We aspire to facilitate and guide you in your choice, accompanying you in an expeditious and timely manner, as well as, truthful as to what you need to know in relation to our unique educational project.

We are a dynamic school, very proud of the legacy of our founder Mr. John AS Jackson, of our strong educational background and deeply committed to upholding, through our daily work, the valuable traditions that underpin our beloved school.

The Grange School is a school of tradition and modernity, avant-garde in the incorporation of appropriate pedagogical practices in accordance with contemporary times, open to generating a more harmonious and virtuous community, where the values of our ideology are embodied in all educational practices both inside and outside the classroom.

It is a real privilege to be part of this great Community. The values and principles established in our educational project are the driving force that guides our daily work in the educational and training of our pupils. 

It is our desire to involve all those involved in the admissions process from the very beginning, so that they may be imbued with the spirit of The Grange School, and that during the course of the process they may witness the legacy of our founder, Mr. John AS Jackson, reflected in the actions of all the members who make up this great community. “The well done, organised, transparent and fair task of a “Good Citizen of the World”.

To educate is to accompany in the joy, humility and enthusiasm of being able to help others to dare to explore the world, to teach them to approach those around them unselfishly and thus discover and embark on their own path in balance and harmony.

To be educated is to grow in autonomy and knowledge at the same time to be able to recognise strengths, as well as to look for opportunities to improve weaknesses, to forge a unique, secure, autonomous character, at the service of one’s own needs as well as those of others. To become citizens of a globalised world, in which they always choose to do good in society, being fair, respectful, empathetic, compassionate, honest and very generous.

In the admissions process, you will appreciate that technology has been incorporated as a tool that facilitates and expedites the delivery of documentation and information that the admissions process itself requires. I hope you enjoy this space and if you decide to participate in an admissions process at our school, may it be a pleasant and valuable family experience with a great sense of unity.

Ms. M. Verónica Rivera Prat
Head of Admissions & International Partnerships