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Here you will find Admission’s information for Lower Prep (Kinder, 1° and 2° Básico), Upper Prep, and Senior School.

School Year 2023

To date we are without vacancies available.

In relation to the applications for levels from Kinder to 7º Básico, they are subject to availability of vacancies, which are usually published every year in the month of October, the date on which the admissions process begins, if applicable.

  1. Call and number of available vacancies

Those interested can send an email to to express interest and request details with information about the process itself.

If there is a possibility of offering a vacancy, the following will be carried out:

  1. Interview

The parents or legal guardians of the applicants will be summoned to an interview, it is in this instance in which they will have the opportunity to obtain more detailed information about our Educational Project, as well as allow the family to reliably demonstrate their adherence to the Educational Project based on their four pillars: Academic, Sports, Artistic and Spirit of Service, and therefore, attachment and practice of the values and principles that inspire it, and that in the opinion of the Admissions Committee, the incorporation of the family constitutes a contribution to the School. Once this is done, you will be given, if applicable, the link and password for the online application.

Once the mail from the interested has been received, admissions is communicated and according to the steps of the process itself and via email, send the following:

    • General Admissions Document.
    • Link to apply online (complete admissions form).
    • Document Grounded Reasons for the Application (mandatory requirement).
    • Information on the cost to pay for the administrative expense of the process itself and indicates the form of payment.

All applications are made online and when applying, the following must be considered. In the admissions form, the following will be requested:

    • Attach complete birth certificate.
    • Attach a passport size photo of the applicant.

Later via email, Admissions will request:

    • To pupils who have completed their studies in Chile: Submit school report for the first semester and partial notes for the second semester of the current year.
    • To pupils who come from abroad: Submit a photocopy of the card, complete birth certificate and a sworn statement before a notary, indicating the level studied abroad. The Transcript and personality report could also be requested.
  1. Application and applicant evaluations

Admissions assigns the day and time of the tests that each applicant must take, which is duly informed to the email indicated by the interested in the Admissions File.

Types of tests to which the applicants will be subjected, English, Mathematics and Spanish.

Note: from the 7º Básico all applicants must also take a Science test (Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

It should be noted that, in the admissions tests for all levels except for the Spanish language test, the instructions are in English.

Given the importance that knowledge of the English language has in our Educational Project, for all levels from Kinder, the applicant will be interviewed in English and Spanish.

  1. Results

The decision of the Admissions Committee will be informed once all the applicant's information is analysed. The answer is communicated via mail and is published in the Rectory, Management and Porter's Office.

It is very important that in the online application form the contact email is completed correctly, since it will be to this email that all necessary information will be sent during and once the admissions process is finished.

Age is a requirement to apply to The Grange School. Applications will not be accepted if the boy or girl does not meet the required age requirement.

The Grange School has been invited to the International U18s Sevens Tournament