It is advisable to talk to the child and tell him/her that he/she will meet teachers from The Grange School with whom he/she can talk and perform some entertaining recreational activity.

Once the activity is done, it is proposed to carry out a family activity where the child can comment on his/her experience and the parents celebrate his/her attitude.

The most important thing is that the child feels welcome.

Do not lose your calm, it is advisable to avoid calling attention to the child, tell him/her that you will do it another day, do not insist or pressure him/her.

In the case above, another time or date will be assigned within the admissions calendar, so that the applicant can participate.

It should be noted that parents or guardians must follow the instructions given for admissions to facilitate the session of the teachers with the applicant.

It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to communicate if the applicant has been sick and it will be the parent or guardian who decides if the child is fit to participate in the activities.

If the parents or guardian decide not to be observed for health reasons, the possibility of postponing said observation to another date within the calendar of the Prekinder admission process for the year in which they apply will be coordinated.

Applicants will not be observed outside the deadlines determined by the School.

If the parents have a relative or acquaintance with whom the child feels comfortable and confident, they will be the ones who make the decision to delegate to that person to accompany the applicant that day, otherwise they will have to request to see the possibility that the child is observed another day within the dates on which the activities are carried out.

There will be no activities for the applicant after the established deadline.

These activities last approximately 30 minutes.

Pupils enter classes at 7:45 a.m. and leave at 3:00 p.m. All pupils have lunch at the School.

If the pupil requires a special diet for convalescence from illness, the parent must communicate it via communications book to the head teacher, who informs the infirmary and casino.

Prekinder pupils have their entire school day in English, so it is recommended to reinforce Spanish at home by telling stories, talking with them, and using an adequate, correct and simple vocabulary.

The vacancy distribution score varies from year to year, however, traditionally vacancies are filled with applicants who either have siblings in the School or who are children of alumni.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the School has reserved a number of vacancies for families who do not have a previous relationship with The Grange School Community, provided that in the opinion of the School "they participate in its educational project and its values and principles".

For the Prekinder level, there are 162 vacancies, which historically tend to be distributed approximately as follows:

  • 63% siblings of pupils studying at our School.
  • 27% children of former pupils and families whose family background (relatives) has been linked to the School.
  • 10% new families, with no historical family connection to the Community.

The Grange School has been invited to the International U18s Sevens Tournament