Prekinder Admissions

Prekinder 2023

The admission process is finished, to date there are no vacancies available.

Prekinder 2024

Admissions process for families with children studying at The Grange School (siblings)

Only to families with children studying at our School, as from 17th October an internal communication will be sent in order to provide details regarding the opening of the Prekinder 2024 admissions process.

Admissions process for families without children studying at The Grange School

If you wish to obtain information regarding the up coming Prekinder Admissions process, you will be able to find it on this site from the second half of November of the previous year.

We invite you to learn about the Grange Spirit, Educational Project, Internal Regulations and School Coexistence.

Education at The Grange School begins at the Prekinder year group. The School does not have Playgroup.

For Prekinder 2024, there are 156 vacancies, which historically tend to be distributed approximately as follows:

  • 63% siblings of pupils studying at our School.
  • 27% children of former pupils and families whose family history (relatives) has been connected to the School.
  • 10% new families, without historical family connection with the Community.

The admissions process for the Prekinder level consists of several stages and gives priority to families with children studying at the School.

Stages for Families with children in the School

  1. Call

It is held annually in mid-October and ends in November of the same year and its beginning is published on this site. Parents of pupils studying at our School are also informed via the Weekly Bulletin and by an internal communication, so that those interested can express their interest in the process by sending an email to

  1. Delivery of records 

Once the process of expression of interest by the parents of the applicant has been completed, and the School has sent information related to the process itself, “Información General de Admisiones” the interested sends: family statement; Admissions Application Form in which the birth certificate and passport size photo of the applicant must be attached.

  1. Background check by the Admissions Committee.
  1. Payment of administrative expenses corresponding to UF 5, if applicable.
  1. Applicant´s parents or legal tutor´s interview (if applicable). 
  1. Activities in which the applicant participates.
  1. Publish the results in the School Management office Concierge and the School Rectory office.
  1. Parents or legal tutors are informed of the application results via a personalized email sent by Admissions.

  1. Incorporation and registration process

  1. Call

It takes place annually in mid-November and ends in January of the following year. If interested, through this site and during that period of time, information can be requested by filling in a format available in Contact.

  1. Delivery of records

Once the information request process has been completed (expression of interest by the applicant’s parents), the interested sends: the family statement, and the admissions file, in which a birth certificate and a passport size photo of the applicant must be attached.

  1. Background check by the Admissions Committee.
  1. Payment of administrative expenses corresponding to UF 5, if applicable.
  2. Interview the applicant's parents, if applicable.

The father and mother or legal guardians of the applicants will be summoned to a face-to-face interview. This is the instance in which they will have the opportunity to speak openly about the applicant, learn more about our educational project and let us know if the family really shares and supports our philosophy and if they identify with the values and vision of the School both in training and academics; sporty and artistic.

It should be noted that this interview could eventually take place before or after the applicant participates in group and individual activities, and the applicant does not attend this interview.

The School sends an email with the date and time of the interview.

  1. Activities in which the applicant participates. (Siblings and New Family Applicants)

    Open Day

This activity is aimed at all applicants and consists of a brief visit to the Lower Prep Quad area, where the Prekinder level classrooms are located, as well as other facilities to which the pupils of said level have access (Dining room; play areas, etc.)

The objective of the Open Day is to familiarize the child with the environment prior to their participation in other activities of the process itself.

Since this activity is aimed at the applicant, they must attend accompanied only by an adult from their family group, who will accompany them at all times during the activity.

The day that each applicant is invited to attend, is assigned by the School and the citation is sent to the emails informed by the interested.

The applicant only attends once on the day and time assigned to him/her.

Group and Individual Activities

The School assigns the day and time (from Monday to Friday) in which the applicant is summoned to participate in the group and individual activities of the admissions process. The applicant only attends one day and its duration is a maximum of 30 minutes.

The criteria used to summon the applicant to participate in group and individual activities is based on the date of birth of each child, in order to achieve homogeneous groups in terms of their level of maturity and development.

In this instance, adults do not enter or witness the activities carried out by the children, having to wait for them in a place authorized by the School.

In the activities in which the applicants participate, the following is observed:

    • Language: It should be noted that in this item a distinction is made between what refers to the articulation of words with what is related to oral expression and are observations of an individual nature. The applicant is expected to have an adequate level of language to start at the bilingual Prekindergarten level at The Grange School. Both at the level of articulation and oral expression.
    • Visual motor coordination and fine motor skills: The applicant must carry out individually the activity that is proposed, related to a graphic representation. It will be considered that it shows the expected level to start at the Prekinder level of The Grange School, when the applicant manages to represent what is requested through the drawing.
    • Follow-up of instructions and focus on group and individual activities: The applicant will be asked to individually execute the instructions related to the proposed activity, with the applicant weighing the follow-up of these, as well as their targeting.
    • Interaction with peers through the game: In a game context, it will be observed how the applicant approaches and relates to other children.
  1. Delivery of results and publication of these in: Concierge, Management and Rectory of the School.
  2. I send the applicant's parents a personalized email with the result of the application.
  1. Incorporation and registration process.

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The Grange School has been invited to the International U18s Sevens Tournament