Assemblies in Lower Prep

The assemblies this week were dedicated to celebrate Chile. We sang the national anthem with respect and enjoyed performances by teachers and children.

Celebrating Chile

This week has been all about our amazing country, Chile. On Monday children and teachers tasted warm sopaipillas during break. On Tuesday we were very lucky to see a “Diablada” here at School, which was perfectly presented by the group “Huilén”. All pupils cheered, clapped and joined in, dancing to the music from the North. […]

1F visited the Senior Biology Labs

1º Básico have been exploring the meaning of Science and the Scientific Method. For this, Science teachers from Upper Prep and Senior pupils kindly guided us in this incredible journey! All ages included, having a wonderful moment around Science. Special thanks to Upper Prep and Senior School Science teachers, and 3ºEM pupils! 

Well Done! Certificates

The following children received a Well Done! Certificate for following the Golden Rule “We are honest”:

Prekinder show: “It’s hat season”

This was an exciting week for Prekinder children as they performed for the first time on stage in front of their families and friends. Prekinder took us on a journey through the changing seasons of the year. Farmers experienced autumn, winter, spring and summer as a horse searches for the best weather to wear his […]

1º Básico visitó Correos de Chile

En Lenguaje y Comunicación, los alumnos de 1° Básico escribieron cartas para otros niños del Colegio y fueron a dejarlas personalmente al correo. Visitaron Correos de Chile, quienes los recibieron con mucha alegría y les prepararon una linda presentación. Luego, los alumnos pusieron las estampillas en sus sobres y echaron las cartas al buzón. ¡Vino un […]

Well Done! Certificates

Congratulations to the pupils who received a Well Done! Certificate for following the Golden Rule: We are honest:

Continuamos avanzando con nuestro proyecto Patio Vivo

Los alumnos de 1° Básico han estado trabajando en un gran proyecto STEM con diferentes asignaturas, relacionado a nuestro nuevo patio. Patio Vivo se reunió con ellos y resolvieron todas sus dudas, además de quedar impresionados por las maquetas que los niños construyeron. Los alumnos y alumnas aprendieron sobre construcción y los diferentes oficios y […]

Well Done! Certificates

Congratulations to the pupils who received a Well Done! Certificate for following the Golden Rule: We are honest. Prekinder Kinder 1º Básico 2º Básico Congratulations to the pupils who received a Well Done! Certificate for following the Golden Rule: We listen.

Welcome back message – Head of Lower Prep

I hope you had an enjoyable break and are looking forward to the Second Semester in Lower Prep. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to those Staff who are new: Miss Lucy and Miss Paola who are teachers, Miss Lucy having come from the UK; Miss Carla, Miss Valentina and Miss Catalina […]

Food Parcel Campaign Puelmapu

A great month for Spirit of Service! We successfully completed the second month of the Food parcel campaign and completed 50 boxes with 15 items that were sent to Puelmapu for their distribution. This time, we put together a new system, where pupils are directly involved Prekinder and Kinder decorated the boxes and pupils from […]

We had a special guest in Kinder D

Kinder D received a visit from a retired naval officer, Oscar Lizana Anguita, who showed them different objects used in the Navy, such as uniforms and caps, spyglasses, swords and medals. The pupils were able to explore and learn about some traditions of the Chilean Navy. They relived the story of the “Combate Naval de […]

Welcome to the Lower Prep

After a restful and enjoyable holiday, we have completed our first week back at School and it seems like we have never been away! Fortunately, everyone has come back refreshed and the children have settled in straight away and are hard at work, enjoying school life. Our new Prekinder pupils have had a smooth start […]

This week we had our first assemblies  2023!

We sang our traditional “We are all together again” song and welcomed three new pupils and five new teachers who joined the Lower Prep. A warm welcome to: Dominga Elgueta and Bruno Vivaldi in 2B; Antonio Couve in KD; Miss Kaleigh Blackburn in 2F; Miss Emilia Arthur (Spanish Department) and Miss Magdalena Concha in KE; […]

Our new playground

Play is an integral and essential part of childhood, and it is through exploration, first-hand experiences and play that children learn and develop. The playground matters and not all classrooms have four walls. This year, we have developed a project, in collaboration with the foundation “Patio Vivo”, where the playground has been transformed into a “learning […]

Prekinder pupils participated in Ceremonia Lápiz y Goma

In a very emotional ceremony, Prekinder pupils gave the 4° EM a pencil and rubber for their PAES test. This ceremony is called “Lápiz y Goma” and it marks the last day of the 4º EM pupils. They were also invited to share breakfast, visit the classrooms and play games together.

Induction Admissions Prekinder 2023


The aim of this meeting was fully achieved, our Headmaster Mr Nicholas Eatough addressed the audience with a moving speech, giving a warm welcome to our enthusiastic parents and guardians. On this occasion he introduced the authorities who lead Lower Prep. Relevant and useful information was provided to support the successful start of their children’s […]

Mr Eatough visits the Lower Prep

Mr Etough visits Lower-Prep School Santiago Chile

On Monday 4th November, our Headmaster, Mr Nicholas Eatough, paid a visit to Lower Prep. He joined Kinder C, Kinder D and Kinder F and had a friendly chat with the children.  Kinder pupils surprised him with interesting and unexpected questions about his personal life and family.  At the end, the headmaster was presented with […]