Biology A-Level pupils participated in the Biology ABSCh

Last friday some of the Biology A-Level pupils participated in the Biology ABSCh organized by St Margaret’s School. The event took place in Viña del Mar at Universidad Andrés Bello. The main focus of this meeting was neuroscience and throughout the day we had multiple activities to explore diverse aspects of this interesting topic. When we arrived at the university we were generously greeted by the staff and doctors which would be directing the activities.

First, we attended a lecture about Neuroscience which introduced us to the topic. Then we were divided into groups with pupils from other schools and participated in three different activities; one was an interactive class in which we studied the case of Phineas Cage, the other was related to how nerve impulses are conducted by our body and the third was a practical lesson where we got to use microscopes to view samples of brain and spine tissue.

Afterwards, we got to look at some of the campus facilities, such as the simulation hospital where medical students are trained. Overall, it was a very wholesome experience as we got to learn, put our knowledge to practice and also meet new people.

Written by: Sofía Goldsmith 3ºEM-F