Our Headmaster is currently representing the School at the LAHC

Our Headmaster, Nicholas Eatough, is currently representing The Grange School at the LAHC Conference 2023 which is taking place in Lima, Perú. Under the slogan “Turning Challenges in Opportunities”, this year the conference is addressing two main themes: Building inclusive Communities and Embracing Artificial Intelligence.

The mission of the Latin American Heads Conference (LAHC) is to bring together centres of educational excellence reflecting the best of British and international educational practice in order to share expertise for school’s improvement in a spirit of reciprocal altruism that benefits all parties. The association caters specifically for schools which give special importance to the English language, both as a medium for communication and as a language of teaching and learning.

We share some photos of the Conference of our Headmaster with colleagues from Craighose, Markam of Perú, St.Paul’s Brazil and St. George’s Argentina.