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This week’s Upper Prep Assembly was led by the Art Department

This week’s Upper Prep Assembly was led by the Art Department, who spoke about the unveiling of the sculpture named TIME, created by the Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal.

3° Básico shared that they are also working for The GRAF.

Inspired by the Chilean writer María José Ferrada and her book “Pájaros”, 3° Básico showed some of the beautiful birds they created from their imaginations. The challenge was to colour only with textures: like wool, feathers and pom poms.

4° Básico was also inspired by María José Ferrada and her book “Cuando fuiste nube”. They created dioramas to represent scenes from the book and some of these were seen projected on the big screen.

5° Básico presented that they have been working on something different. Their last project was the creation of a puppet inspired by a character from a chosen book. They designed and made all details including the clothes, accessories, hairstyles.

6° Básico just finished their “Fanzines”. The word “Fanzine” comes from a blend of two words: “Fan” and “Magazine”. It is a small booklet made from 1 or 2 pieces of paper, written by and for people who are fans of a specific topic. They designed a fanzine about a topic of their interest. They then illustrated each page using a variety of techniques, such as: watercolour pencils, drawing pen, lettering and cutting images from magazines.

In the Assembly, we also announced the Team Spirit board, like ‘Fair Play’, the Team Spirit concept relates to the world of sports. It has to do with the sense of unity and solidarity experienced by members of a group who are willing to think and act in a way that prioritises the good of the team. In this sense, it is opposite to individualism or egoism. The concept also suggests fluid harmonic synchrony in team interactions. Thus, when there is a strong team spirit, there is little friction between people and efficient communication.

And a big Well Done! to the recipients named for the Team Spirit board.