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Nuestra Comunidad

Carolina Rubio

Deputy Head of Academics Upper Prep

Carolina Rubio The Grange School Santiago Chile

Miss Carolina Rubio Lecannelier is a primary teacher with mention on Lenguaje, and has a master degree in Evaluation and Curriculum at Universidad del Desarrollo. It was 2003 when she joined The Grange Staff team as a Lenguaje y Comunicación teacher for the Middle School.

Un año después, se convirtió en Jefa de Departamento para el área (1º a 6º Básico). En ese momento, el objetivo del cargo era fortalecer el idioma y demostrar que estas habilidades en una escuela bilingüe (español e inglés) son transferibles, complementándose entre sí, para que los alumnos pudieran aprender a imaginar y comprender por escrito, hablado y leído todo lo que la vida tiene para ofrecer.

On 2013 she was appointed as Deputy Head of Academics of the Upper School, a position she holds until today. During all these years, Miss Carolina has dedicated her time, skills and aptitudes in generating a pupil-centred curriculum, generating important advances in differentiation and inclusion issues.

In her role as Deputy Head of Academics, she has taught classes in her subject, as well as Philosophy and Humanities; this has kept her connected with the classroom and with teaching. This detail has generated a special connection with her team of teachers since she has been able to accompany and model from the experience. Her vision of learning is to move towards full pupil ownership of learning, especially in a school that provides every possible opportunity for this to happen.

Como Miss Carolina tiene una habilidad natural para establecer redes de comunicación fluidas y respetuosas, completó un Diplomado en Comunicación en Riesgo en 2019, que se convirtió en una estrategia para enfrentar la Pandemia con el Equipo de Comunicaciones del Colegio.

Junto con su trabajo en The Grange School, ha trabajado en fundaciones y universidades, realizando planes y programas, clases de Lenguaje y Comunicación y supervisando pasantías.

For 7 years she has belonged to the OPTE Foundation, which supports the Puelmapu School, whose vision is to offer quality education to boys and girls with social vulnerability and lack of opportunities, all within the framework of the Spirit of Service that characterizes The Grange School.