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Senior School

Carlos Packer-Comyn - Head of Senior School

Head’s Message

The Senior School works as a team of inspirational teachers who are specialists in their subjects and who deeply care about their pupils. We have this saying at The Grange School: “Passion for teaching instills joy of learning”.

We have a strong Pastoral Care system and a growing Inclusion Programme, to ensure that all our pupils develop this strong sense of belonging to School and can enjoy personal growth and success throughout their school life, and beyond.

The Academic Programme is diverse, balanced and challenging which combines the Chilean curriculum with the Cambridge IGCSE and A-Level programmes. Our pupils, who are bilingual by the time they enter Senior School, embark on a learning and personal development journey that prepares them for the highest standards of university entry.

We also have a rich co-curricular offering, which includes sports, arts, music, outdoor pursuits, environmental awareness, the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, study trips, and exchanges. We also place a strong emphasis on Community Service and so our pupils get involved in a number of projects and campaigns here in Chile.

In this way they also can develop this strong sense that, thanks to the exceptional opportunities that they are offered, they too can generate positive change around them, individually and collectively, and this throughout their lives. A graduating student at this School is a true all-rounder poised for a successful and purposeful life.

Our SLT People

Academic Programme

From 7º Básico to 4º EM

The Senior School curriculum is a blend of national and international programmes that aims to prepare our pupils for further studies at the university of their choice anywhere in the world. The international curriculum is linked to the Cambridge IGCSE and A Level programmes and all pupils are prepared for international examinations in a wide array of subjects in 2º and 4º EM.

The School also teaches the Chilean National Curriculum in preparation for the PAES, Chile´s university admissions examination. Both programmes are taught in an integrated approach throughout the School. In the Senior School all pupils must study English as a separate subject and many other subjects use English textbooks and resources.

Pupils are required to study Sciences, Mathematics and Social Studies. They are expected to communicate to a very high standard in Spanish and English both orally and in writing. IGCSE and A Level are all in English. Our pupils at The Grange are usually fluent in both languages by the time they leave School.

For more information please visit the Cambridge International Exams Website click here.


British model of Pastoral Care, with an objective to provide permanent accompaniment and monitoring of pupils in their various areas.

All teachers have a role of Pastoral Care of the pupils. Along with this, there is a team, led by a Deputy Head (Pastoral) in each sector of the School (Lower Prep, Upper Prep and Senior School), made up of a Head of each level -from Prekider to 4º EM- in charge of monitoring their pupils, together with the head teachers or tutors of each course and with the support of a psychologist (Counsellor) in each cycle. Together with the Nursing team and the School Coexistence Manager (or Child Protection and Coexistence Coordinator), we seek to promote a healthy environment, with a school climate conducive to learning.

Together, the Pastoral Care team supports and promotes the educational hallmarks of our School, seeking that the sense of responsibility, honesty, loyalty and empathy are characteristic hallmarks, and where each member of the community develops within a framework of respect towards oneself and towards others, valuing diversity and contributing to the common good.


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