Our People

María Consuelo Saavedra

Head of Communications


Journalist, Diploma in Direct Marketing, with extensive experience in production, coordination and preparation of important business, educational and television events in various fields. Her relationship with the educational field began in 2014 when she became President of the Association of Parents and Guardians (APA) of the School. At the end of that period in 2016 she joined the Staff of The Grange School for the creation and development of Grangonian Society, which seeks to strengthen the links between all members of the Internal Community and alumni. In early 2022, she assumed the position of Head of Communications, Grangonian Society and Public Relations, where she currently serves.

On a personal level, she is an alumni of The Grange School and graduated from the Class of 1989. She has 3 children, one currently at the School and 2 daughters who are already Old Grangonians.