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While at the School you will hear several names, among them are those of the main institutions linked to The Grange School. We will tell you a little about them.
John Jackson Educational Foundation
The John Jackson Educational Foundation was born in legal life in September 1980. The Foundation’s declaration of principles establishes that its main purpose is to maintain and promote the ideals of Mr John A S Jackson, for which purpose it must project and develop the services and the assistance that may be necessary to achieve these ideals in the educational and sports and cultural extension activities of the School and its alumni. Likewise, to emphasize the teaching of the English language at The Grange School, as well as the fundamental values ​​of the School, All Rounder, Team Spirit and others, and the purpose of returning to the single day at the School should also be mentioned. All this, without prejudice to avoiding the sale of the Grange land.
Old Grangonian Club
Sports and social club founded in 1938 with the aim of generating a physical meeting space for different family, sporting and social interests around a Grangonian Community and thus perpetuating the values ​​and traditions of The Grange School. Currently, it brings together alumni, parents, teachers and pupils around sports and social activities, strengthening and perpetuating the bonds of friendship, camaraderie and Fair Play formed over the years at the School.
FOGSS (Fundación Grangonian Spirit of Service)
The Foundation was born as an extension of our Grangonian training, seeking to contribute to the improvement of the well-being and dignity of vulnerable people in our country, contributing to the increase in people’s capacities and, consequently, opening up more opportunities for them. The foregoing is materialized through the delivery of works, providing material, economic, educational and training aid to people with limited economic resources or who have any type of mental or physical disability.
Grangonian Society

Grangonian Society is an organization born under the umbrella of the John Jackson Educational Foundation that aims to welcome and keep members of the Grangonian Community connected: pupils, alumni, teachers, parents and related institutions; collaborate with projects that benefit said Community and its members; and serve as an integrating instance that is based on the values and principles that are part of the educational project of The Grange School.

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As a way of bringing together the Old Grangonians by professional areas, in 2002 the House of Health was created, followed by the Houses of Law, Engineering, Business, Farming, Education and Arts & Humanities, today reaching more than 800 Old Grangonians.

These houses make up networks of professional and social collaboration, dissemination of topics of interest to students in the last years of the School, support for Old Grangonians university internships and the projection of the School’s values ​​to society.

Asociación de Padres y Apoderados (APA)

The objective of The Grange School Asociación de Padres y Apoderados (APA) is to support the School and the Community in its various areas to achieve both a curricular and co-curricular complement, contributing ideas, projects, events and activities that promote coexistence, culture and respect for our environment.

About APA

The Association of Parents and Guardians of the School (APA) is a private law corporation that was created in 1966 as a common initiative between parents and members of the School board. Its main task is to represent all the representatives of the School and work together with it.


  • Represent and support the parents and guardians of the School, channeling their concerns and interests.
  • Establish constant relationships and mutual collaboration between the Association and the homes of the pupils.
  • Develop social, cultural, sports, recreational or other activities aimed at integrating the parents and guardians of the pupils of the School, helping to create a Community.
  • Promote knowledge on the part of parents and guardians of problems related to childhood and youth and interest its members in the training of their children and pupils through appropriate activities for intellectual, civic and social improvement.
  • Support and collaborate in the social and material progress of the School.
  • Cooperate with the School Management in what is related to the education and instruction of the pupils, as well as their well-being.
  • Maintain permanent communication with the management levels of the School both to obtain and disseminate among its members information regarding the School’s Educational Policies, programs and projects, as well as to raise the concerns, motivations and suggestions of the parents and guardians of the School’s pupils relating to the educational process and school life.
  • Associate with other organizations whose objectives are similar to those expressed in the preceding letters.
  • Exercise the rights and fulfil the obligations that the laws indicate. The Association does not pursue or propose union or profit purposes. All activities of a political or religious nature are excluded from the objectives of the Association.
  • The Association must abide by the Internal Regulations of the School and its pedagogical orientation.
  • Our People

    The APA Board of Directors is made up of its President and a Delegate for each level of the School. Each Level Delegate has, in turn, the support of two Delegates for each course of their level (Course Delegate and Spirit of Service Delegate).


    President: Gigliola Sigala

    Vice president: Lupe Santos

    Bursar: Carolina Verscheure

    Secretary: Trinidad Montalva

    Delegates 2024

    Prekinder: Trinidad Cerda,

    Kinder: Javiera Vásquez,

    1° Básico: María Bagioli,

    2º Básico: Andrea Toro,

    3º Básico: Sebastián Vergara,

    4º Básico: Lupe Santos,

    5º Básico: Carolina Andueza,

    6º Básico: Ignacio Rodríguez, 

    7º Básico: Carolina Verscheure,

    8º Básico: Constanza Quiroz,

    1º EM: Gabriela Jarpa,

    2º EM: Andrea Anich,

    3º EM: Trinidad Montalva,

    4º EM: Nicole Ropert,


    Emergency or Crisis: Presides Gigliola Sigala

    Budget: Presides Carolina Verscheure 

    Spirit of Service: Presides Trinidad Cerda

    Communications: Presides Lupe Santos

    Activities: Presides Trinidad Montalva

    Drop-Off and Transportation: Presides Javiera Vásquez

    Sports: Presides Sebastián Vergara

    Lunch: Presides Andrea Toro