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Convivencia Escolar

The Grange School promotes a good school coexistence, seeking to provide an environment of respect that favors the integral and harmonious development of all pupils and members of our Community.

Our commitment is that once we receive your comment, we will take care of it without exposing you. All the information comes exclusively to the mail of the School Coexistence Manager, Mónica Nelson.

  • Do you have comments or suggestions to promote good coexistence? Promoting good coexistence is everyone’s job! 
  • Do you want to ask for help? Asking for help does not mean being weak or accusing, it means that sometimes it is difficult for us to solve a situation alone. 

You can also send an email to or leave a note in the TECHAR mailbox.

How do we take care of ourselves?

This is a space in which, in addition to being able to request help and send us suggestions on how to improve the school environment, they can find material that supports them. It is important to develop strategies to adapt day by day, finding new ways to face everyday life together with developing different ways of relating.

We have taken support material for our students from various sources and divided it according to the three sections of the School: Lower Prep, Upper Prep and Senior School. The material included in the Lower and Upper Prep section must be managed by the parents, since due to their age, it is not recommended that they navigate without supervision. The content displayed in Senior School can be managed directly by the students of this section.

In case of questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact the corresponding people in addition to the head teachers or tutors:




Constanza Morán

PK and Kinder

Isabel Pacheco

1° and 2° Básico

Valentina Palacios

3° and 4° Básico

Catalina Saldías

5° and 6° Básico

Francisca Tagle

7° and 8° Básico

Itziar Juanicotena

1° and 2° EM

Andrea Moggia

3° and 4° EM

Camila Aguirre

Convivencia Escolar Senior School

Mónica Nelson

Convivencia Escolar Coordinator

Lower Prep y Upper Prep

Activities and crafts to connect with emotions:

Let’s read and watch together:

Senior School

Let’s order our time:

Videos to inspire us:


Emotional Support and Wellbeing:

Taking care of our coexistence:

Supporting the learning of our sons and daughters: