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Key Events

Old Grangonian Day

Once per year we live one of the most emblematic traditions of our School, the Old Grangonian Day. The event to which the entire Community of The Grange is invited, feature various and entertaining activities that take place between 10:00 and 17:00. Among others are sports matches between Old Grangonians and pupils, the FOGSS Solidarity Bazaar, The GRAF, Music and Drama presentations, The British & Commonwealth Fire and Rescue Company J.A.S. Jackson, and a stand of Consulta Ciudadana from the Municipalidad de La Reina.

We are waiting for you on Saturday, October 5 in the 2024 Old Grangonian Day version! 

Founder's Day

Following the tradition established since 1959, each year we commemorated the Founder’s Day, a day on which we hold a traditional ceremony in honour of our founder, Mr John A.S. Jackson, on the date of his death.

During the ceremony, the laying of the wreaths are performed by representatives of the Jackson family; John Jackson Educational Foundation (FEJJ); Board of Directors of the School; Old Grangonian Club; Grangonian Spirit of Service Foundation (FOGSS); The British and Commonwealth Fire & Rescue Company “J.A.S. Jackson”; and Union of the School.

The 2024 version of this commemoration will take place on Friday, March 8.

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Remembrance Day

Each 11th November is the Armistice Day and this remains an important occasion in The Grange School´s calendar. That day, the School hold its annual Ceremony of Remembrance at the entrance to the Jackson Building, alongside the war memorial stone, in order to remember those pupils who served in the Second World War and did not return. The Service is hold in the presence of Grange dignitaries, as well as 6º Básico and 4ºEM pupils, who wear a Poppy to mark the occasion.

What is the Poppy Tradition? It is a symbol of our way to Remember the ultimate Spirit of Service, a pillar of our School’s values. For the ocassion every year The Grange donate to The Royal British Legion, which it’s very thankful for this constant contribution. The School has a proud tradition of supporting the Poppy Appeal and this continues today.

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Cross Country
Cross country Image

The Cross Country is an emblematic event of The Grange, which was resumed in 2006 after a few years in which it had not been carried out for various reasons. That year it was held within the School facilities and in 2007 it was transferred to the Old Grangonian Club. The years 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic could not be carried out again, so we are very happy to have been able to resume in 2022 in our Club.

This race marks a true milestone in our Community since it is a competition in which all our pupils from Prekinder to 4ºEM participate, also adding parents, Staff and Old Grangonians. It is a massive event, in which parents and pupils participate with joy, enthusiasm and a great desire to live this wonderful race. We congratulate everyone who participate and we reiterate our each year thanks to all who make it possible this event to go ahead.

See you again on May 18, 2024!

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The Steeplechase is one of the oldest and most emblematic events of The Grange School, in which pupils from 3º Básico to 4ºEM, Staff, parents and Old Grangonians participate. We are very happy that we were able to resume the Steeplechase in 2022, after not being able to take place in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

This last Steeplechase was crowned by the large number of participants in the final race +18, with approximately 150 Girls and 350 Boys, breaking any record that has been held for this activity in previous years. So we have a challenge for this year version!

See you in the next version scheduled for October 19, 2024!

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About Steeplechase

Steeplechase black & white

2018 edition

Christmas Concert

The Christmas Concert was born in 2012 as a joint project of the Music Department and the School Management, with the purpose of generating a Christmas meeting around music with the entire Community at the end of the year. This is a presentation by the School Choirs and the Senior Instrumental Ensemble: Lower Prep Choir, Upper Prep Choir, Senior School Choir, The Senior Jazz Band and the Staff and Pupils’ Choir, with the participation of nearly 150 pupils and Staff members.

The preparation process is carried out during the Second Semester of each year with the work of music teachers and pupils, selecting and preparing the repertoires to be performed. To this is added the practice time of the teachers and members of the Staff who participate in the Choir, who with great dedication and enthusiasm, as the pupils, are an important part of this project. This format makes the different areas from Prekinder to 4ºEM convene, providing an impressive audiovisual show.

It has been interesting that this activity has also been extended to other spaces and public areas outside the establishment, such as the Residence of the Embassy of England or the Prince of Wales Country Club, further expanding the challenge and interest of the boys and girls who participate each year.

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