The Grange Arts Festival​


The objective of The GRAF (The Grange Arts Festival), is to motivate and promote the arts, culture and Contemporary Chilean Art in the community of The Grange School. 

Promote observation, creativity and critical thinking in our pupils and community.


Through The GRAF, the Art, Drama and Music Department work in collaboration to motivate and inspire The Grange School pupils with the artistic process and its different expressions. This enables pupils to observe and perceive their environment with aesthetic sensibility and creativity.


The Arts at The Grange School encourages pupils to express themselves from an artistic point of view, valuing the creative process, the individual and collaborative work and the use of skills and technique. We invite you to know the different projects in which our pupils have worked.


Music, Art & Drama Departments motivates pupils to perceive, observe, reflect and make connections using creativity. There are several projects in which our children have worked, which have been reflected in books that we invite you to know here.