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The arts in their different expressions shone at the School thanks to the second version of The Grange Arts Festival, The GRAF 2019.

For a week, students from PK to 4th MS worked and learned from prominent national artists through the creation of different projects collaborative projects, among which the great engraving with the 2019 National Plastic Arts Award, Eduardo Vilches; the artistic project with Voluspa Jarpa, exhibitor at the Venice Biennale; the project with the artist Francisca Aninat; the exhibition of the exclusive collection of the Engel Foundation and a valuable selection of national artists.

More than thirty artists were present at The GRAF 2019!

The Community enjoyed the different artistic expressions through the film conference of the actor Pedro Fontaine (OG) and Matías Lira; the conference on art and literature by the writer Pablo Simonetti together with the visual artist José Pedro Godoy and the moderation of the journalist María Angélica Bulnes; the talk by the art promotion organization Antenna; the talk on art and painting by the artist Francisca Sutil; the Te Deum Laudamus in C Major, K 141 (WA Mozart) presented by The Grange School Choir; the presentation of Tenor Nicolás Fontecilla (OG-2001); among others.

We thank all the people in the Community who made it possible to carry out this festival successfully, which contributes to enhancing one of our pillars as a College: the arts in its different expressions. The GRAF seeks to motivate and promote the arts, culture and contemporary Chilean art, encouraging observation, creativity and critical thinking in our students and Community.

Thanks to the support of the Association of Parents and Guardians (APA), it was possible to print the book The GRAF 2019, which reflects the Chiaroscuro concept through the collection of works exhibited at The Grange Arts Festival, The GRAF 2019. If you wish To purchase the book, please write to or contact the APA.

Art Projects

Pre-Columbian Mural
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Kinder to 2º Básico 2018

Collaborative Project led by Olivia Müller

Lower Prep pupils from Prekinder, Kinder, 1º Básico and 2º Básico, created two Pre- Columbian Murals in a collaborative work led by the artist Olivia Müller.

The objective was to invite pupils to observe, value and appreciate the artwork created by Pre- Columbian cultures as part of their own identity and ancestral history.

Pupils observed their iconography and colours for inspiration and created a unique design. The process involved clay modeling and painting while working outdoors.

Memory Exercises
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2º medio A level

Collaborative Project led by Francisca Aninat

The artist Francisca Aninat motivated and inspired the students of 2nd Middle A-Level for a week, in which she invited them to work on memories, joining words and images to create visual memories. She used literary texts by Georges Perec and Elizabeth Bishop, among others, so that the students thought about their stories and interpretations by dialoguing with the memories of their classmates in an attempt to reconstitute a story in these Memory Exercises.

The final work is made up of these fragments of individual stories, painted and strung together by the students together with the artist and who re-construct this image together with the joint phrase:


Art as an archive of the generational transfer
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2º básico and 3º medio

Collaborative Project led by Voluspa Jarpa

Voluspa Jarpa, artist and representative of Chile at the Venice Biennale 2019, spoke and showed his artistic process to students of 2nd Basic and 3rd Secondary to invite them to think and reflect on the transfer of information.

The 3rd grade students thought about various topics that they showed to the 2nd grade students through videos created by themselves during this project.

The 2nd grade students interpreted these videos in collaborative drawings and images that were finally constituted in Art as an archive of generational transfer.

Graphic Project
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4º básico

Collaborative Project led by Eduardo Vilches

Eduardo Vilches, artist and 2019 National Arts Award winner, dedicated two weeks to inspire 4th grade students with the process of his work, his memories and his artistic experience.

The students had the privilege of listening to him, of seeing him walking around the school and then participating in the workshops in which he taught them to look to create an image. Subsequently, he dedicated numerous moments to teach them the process of printing a Graphic Project.