Fifty Years Learning Hand in Hand

The Fifty Years Learning Hand in Hand Mural is the gift given by The GRAF 2021 to celebrate the 50 years of Coeducation.

All 2.485 fragments have been made by our pupils from Prekinder to 4º EM. Each tile is unique and also part of one great image. They have been designed during the Art lessons and painted considering pupil’s Year Level. This means that Baby Blue tiles correspond to Prekinder; Wedgewood Blue to Kinder; Sea Blue a 3º, 4º, 5º y 6º Básico; King’s Blue to 7º y 8º Básico, IEM y 2EM; Dark Grey to 3EM and 4EM.

Creative team

Rachid R Benammar, Valentina Gajardo, Francisca Aninat, Mónica Bengoa, Olivia Müller, Mariana Tocornal y Jeannette Plaut

Art Department

Romina Aracena, Loreto Baraona, Loly Castillo, Gabriela Ferreiro, Valentina Gajardo, Michela Modolo y Lorena Molina.